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CORE is a brand new non-profit in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin that launch out of our sister mission Stone Soup of Fond du Lac. Stone Soup had spent the last 4 years building up the community and supporting those in need through food, fellowship and friendship. Many small programs have grown out of Stone Soup and we took all we learned and all the places we saw lacking and look to address through holistic approaches, breaking the cycles of poverty, abuse, homelessness and more. We are a grassroots organization and in March of 2020, amid the corona virus pandemic we saw a grave immediate need to help people who could not get the resources needed to survive. We decided to use most of the start up funds as well as funds from Stone Soup for meals and other needs, to work together with others in the community and meet those in need immediately. We gave out care packages that included food, hygiene, toys and games for kids, and more. We delivered many of these as well as had pick up location. As we grow and begin to raise more funds, our first priority is to open a Day Resource Center for those in need. 


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